Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Packers win! Now I got to step up my game.

Looking back at the last three days, I have never felt so much anticipation to a single football game. Going to school in the Chicago area for undergrad and now graduate school, has always placed me on high alert because of my undeniable love of the Green Bay Packers. I can still remember at the beginning of this football season, after the Packers lost a close one to the Bears thinking, "I do not want to come in to school this week." Now around 19 weeks later, I was thinking the same thing Sunday, "If we lose the NFC Championship to the Bears and Jay Cutler (who I have really started to dislike this season), I may have to take the semester off!"
Lucky for me the Green Bay Packers are headed to the Super Bowl and this year my fears are relieved on this particular topic. The threat of school still looms with the pressures to get those grades again and preparation is already beginning for next school year in the fall, with finances and figuring out if my days of commuting are over. I am excited to be busy again, I am excited to be flooded with so much, it reminds me how lucky I am for these opportunities, and it makes me rise to a level that I would not be capable of alone. So I say, “GO Pack GO,” knowing as the Packers season comes to an end, I keep going. No fear though, because I have done it before and I will do it again, just like the Packers!

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